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APA 7th Edition Citations Guide - Maple Woods

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Online Newspaper Articles

Newspapers are cited like all periodicals, but usually include a specific date. They may also include newspaper pagination (ex: A7).

Example of a free online newspaper:

Guyann, J. (2020, October 8). Facebook to ban political ads after the election polls close as US tensions rise. USA Today.   


Parenthetical Citation: (Guyann, 2020)

Narrative Citation:  Guyann (2020)


Example from an online database:

Spanberger, A. (2020, September 24). Bringing farmers to the table on climate change. Hill, 23. 

Parenthetical Citation: (Spanberger, 2020)

Narrative Citation: Spanberger (2020)

Note: Do not include the database name or URL in an entry without a DOI.

Print Newspaper Articles


Neas, P. (2019, July 12). Music fans can get their fix by tuning into Classical KC.The Kansas City Star, 1c.


Parenthetical Citation: (Neas, 2019)

Narrative Citation: Neas (2019)