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APA 7th Edition Citations Guide - Maple Woods

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Scholarly Article in a Database - with DOI


Masuda, J., Lewis, D., Poland, B., & Sanchez-Pimienta, C. (2020). Stop ringing the alarm; it is time to get out of the building! Canadian Journal of Public Health, 111(6), 831-835.

Parenthetical Citation: (Masuda et al., 2020)

Narrative Citation: Masuda et al. (2020)

Note: When using an article with three or more authors in a narrative or parenthetical citation, you use the phrase et al. after the first author’s last name.

In the reference entry, you do not use the phrase et al. You list last names and initials for up to 20 authors. Include & before the last author’s name and initials. 


Scholarly Article in a Database - without DOI


McKibben, B. (2009). Climate change. Foreign Policy, (170), 32-38. 

Note:  If no DOI is available for the article, do not include the URL.  Treat the entry as you would for a print article.

Parenthetical Citation: (McKibben, 2009)

Narrative Citation: McKibben (2009)

Scholarly Article from a Website

Example with a DOI:

Hata, S. R. (2020, October 1). The ritual of the table. New England Journal of Medicine, 383, 1301-1303. 10.1056/NEJMp2014455

Parenthetical Citation:  (Hata, 2020)

Narrative Citation: Hata (2020)


Example with no DOI:

Bai, H. (2009). Facilitating students' critical thinking in online discussion: An instructor's experience. Journal of Interactive Online Learning8(2).

Parenthetical Citation: (Bai, 2009)

Narrative Citation: Bai (2009)


Scholarly Article in a Print Journal


Gilbert, M. D. (2015). The problem of voter fraud. Columbia Law Review, 115(3), 739-775.

Parenthetical Citation: (Gilbert, 2015)

Narrative Citation: Gilbert (2015)