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APA 7th Edition Citations Guide - Maple Woods

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Books- with Editors, Translators or Illustrators

Editors, translators, and illustrators are noted after the title of the book, separate from the author(s) when author(s) are named. When no main author is present, the editor is listed in the author's place with (Ed.) afterwards. In-text citations should always begin with the beginning piece of information on the reference list.

Example, Editor (where there is a main author):

Grimm, J. & Grimm, W. (2011). Grimm's fairy tales. (D.McFadden, Ed.). Sterling.

Parenthetical Citation: (Grimm & Grimm, 2011)

Narrative Citation: Grimm and Grimm (2011)


Example, Translator:

Han, K. (2015) The vegetarian (D. Smith, Trans.). Hogarth. (Original work published 2007.)

Parenthetical Citation: (Han, 2007/2015)

Narrative Citation: Han (2007/2015)

Note: The date of the original work is included after the citation in a separate statement as above, and both dates are included in the in-text citation information.



Example, Editors in citation (when no main author is present):

Brown, A. M. & Imarisha, W. (Eds.) (2015). Octavia's brood: Science fiction stories from social justice movements. AK Press.

Parenthetical Citation: (Brown & Imarisha, 2015)

Narrative Citation: Brown and Imarisha (2015)

NOTE: If you are focusing on a chapter or essay within a collection, you need to cite the chapter's author and chapter first. See "Book - Essay, Short Story, etc."


Example, Illustrator in the citation, different than the author:

Wood, A. (2000). The napping house (D. Wood, Illus.). Harcourt Children's Books.

Parenthetical Citation:  (Wood, 2000)

Narrative Citation:  Wood (2000)