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MLA 9th Edition Citations Guide - Maple Woods

Welcome! Nervous about MLA citations? This is the place for you! Information about in-text citations, bibliography format, and general rules of practice for citations in academia!

General Idea of Citations

MLA citation style consists of two pieces: 

1. In-Text Citations  

2. Works Cited


The basic idea is that the Works Cited page at the end of your paper will list full citation information, while the in-text citations throughout your paper will lead the reader to the works cited page. This guide will go over in more detail both of these pieces (see tabs on the left). 


Why Do We Cite Sources?

If you don't cite your sources you run in danger of plagiarism. The basic reason for citing our sources is to make sure we don't take others' work as our own, and we give credit where credit is due. 

Printable MLA Handout

Our librarians at Maple Woods have created a printable handout to help you with MLA style! Click on the link below to access it: