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MLA Citations Guide - Maple Woods

Welcome! Nervous about MLA citations? This is the place for you! Information about in-text citations, bibliography format, and general rules of practice for citations in academia!

Podcast Episode

For podcasts, follow these guidelines:

- Put the narrator(s) or host(s) as the authors.
- The title of the episode in quotation marks.
- The title of the podcast,
- Season #, Episode #, (if available)
- Publisher (may be a larger website),
- Date published, if available,
- URL (no http:// or https:// needed).

Example of a podcast:

Glass, Ira, host. "The Long Fuse." This American Life, WBEZ Chicago, 9 Oct. 2020,


In-Text Citation, Direct Quote Example:

"...," (Glass). 

Audio Book

Example of an audiobook:

Krugman, Paul. Arguing with Zombies: Economics, Politics, and the Fight for a Better Future. Narrated by Rob Shapiro and Paul Krugman,

OverDrive, 2020.


In-Text Citation, Direct Quote Example:

"...," (Krugman).