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MLA 9th Edition Citations Guide - Maple Woods

Welcome! Nervous about MLA citations? This is the place for you! Information about in-text citations, bibliography format, and general rules of practice for citations in academia!

A work (e.g., essay, short story) in an anthology or compilation

When you are citing one work from a book in the text of your paper and the book has many different authors, you will list the information about that work (critical essay, short story from an anthology, etc.) first.


Author of Work Within Book Last Name, First Name. "Title of Shorter Work." Title of Book, edited by Editor First Name Last Name, Publisher, Year, page numbers.


Example of a poem in an anthology:

Robert, Frost. "Out, Out---." The Wadsworth Anthology of Poetry, edited by Jay Parini, Thomson Wadsworth, 2006, p. 597.


In-text citation example:

(Frost 597). / Frost wrote "..." (597).