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Longview - Learning Center

This guide explores all the resources available to MCC students through the Longview Learning Center.

Writing Studio FAQs

  • How do I visit the Writing Studio?

In-person, we are located on the second floor of the library in the Learning Center, Room 220. 

For our virtual tutoring, go to, select "Join Meeting," and input the Zoom information on the left margin of this page. 

Hours for in-person and virtual are listed on the left margin of this page.

Emails can be sent to

  • What should I bring to the Writing Studio?

Bring the prompt and any instructions provided for the assignment, so that we can meet the goals as laid out by your professor. Bring what you’d like to work on, be it brainstorming notes, an outline, or drafts. Be sure to attach all the above to your email also!

  • How long does a tutoring session last?

Expect the session to last 30-45 minutes. In a session, we want to talk to you about your ideas, how to communicate effectively, and what tools can better strengthen your writing.

  • How do I let my professor know that I visited the Writing Studio?

Mention at the beginning of your session or in your email that you would like your professor to know about your visit, and we will submit a formal report to your professor. Some professors even give extra credit for your visit!

  • Do you fix the paper for me?

The short answer is “No.” We are here to help guide you through the writing process and will work with you in the allotted time on high priority concerns. While we will identify areas of improvement, our goal is to practice a skill set with you so that you will grow and develop your writing voice over time. If your tutor fixes the paper for you, you haven’t really strengthened your writing abilities or learned the tools to write well. We want you to become a better writer!

  • Does the tutor decide what we will work on?

The tutor will be able to lend another set of eyes on your assignment and give pointers for stronger writing, but you also may come with areas of concern or even confusion about the assignment. If you know the weak areas of your writing, tell us so that we can focus our attention there.