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Longview - Student Success Center

This guide explores all the resources available to MCC students through the Longview Student Success Center.

What is Scholar Day?


Scholar Day provides an opportunity for MCC students, faculty, and staff to showcase their research, class projects, or activities to foster learning and help students develop their presentation skills. The event provides an opportunity for the Longview community to engage with presenters to learn about some of the exceptional learning experiences happening at MCC-Longview. The idea for Scholar Day is rooted in the spirit of a previous campus tradition known as Imagination Longview. We hope to both honor past Longview traditions while also discovering new opportunities for academic and student engagement on our campus. 

Scholar Day 2022


Jessie Nguyen won the Faculty Award for her presentation entitled: Shining a Light on Representation


Trin Carroll demonstrated how we can Fight Microplastics with Magnets to win the President's Award.


Amber Worder won the Staff Award for her work to answer the question: Can the Overexpression of PTEN Suppress Cancer Cell Growth?


The People's Choice Award went to Kitrina Green for her engaging presentation on The Importance of Creative Writing.