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Longview - Student Success Center

This guide explores all the resources available to MCC students through the Longview Student Success Center.


My name is Jan. I have a degree in Math and Secondary Education from Rockhurst University. I was a programmer for about 20 years. But in 2003, when my daughter was in kindergarten, I started working as a Math tutor at Longview. I have worked every semester (except for a big chunk of one when I broke my ankle – ouch) and most summer sessions. I love to give metaphors, know a few Math songs and dances, and am a big fan of mnemonics. I welcome the opportunity to help you as best as I am able for Math up to Calculus 1. I like this quote ---- I think of a good tutor as acting like training wheels when you are learning to ride a bike: they keep you from falling over, but you are doing most of the real work!


Hello, my name is Austyn. I graduated from Fort Osage High School in 2019. I am currently studying for a degree in Mechanical Engineering and plan to transfer to K-State for the fall 2021 semester to continue my studies. Although I know engineering is the right path for me, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to work on throughout my career. I am a student-athlete who enjoys running for MCC’s cross country team and watching my favorite sports teams like Sporting Kansas City, the Chiefs, and K-State’s football team play on television. I have been working as a math tutor for almost a year now and can help with physics up through Engineering Physics 2 and math up through Calculus 3. I hope to see you in the virtual tutoring center through zoom soon!


Hello my name is Jackson and I’m a STEM tutor at Longview. I tutor math up to Calculus 3 and both general Chemistry courses. I plan to pursue my Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology. I enjoy everything math and science related and I look forward to working with you through any questions you might have!


Hi, my name is Mason. I've been working at the Longview math lab for a little over a year; I'm an SI leader for calculus one, but I can tutor everything up through calculus three and several other STEM subjects. I am in my junior year at UCM, where I am working towards a degree in computer science. Whenever I have any free time, I either spend time with my church or read about history, philosophy, or really anything nonfiction.


Hi! My name is Emma, and I love math! I would also love to help you puzzle through your math and chemistry questions in the MCC Longview tutoring lab, so pop in anytime!

Because I enjoy math and tutoring so much, I plan to earn my bachelor’s in math education and become a math teacher. I do enjoy other things besides math, though, including clogging (a style of dance – look it up), learning Chinese, volunteering at youth camps, climbing 14ers, camping, accomplishing service projects, and playing piano.


Hello, I am Malana (similar to Moana the Disney princess). I have been a chemistry tutor at the Longview campus for almost a year now. I have always had a passion for chemistry since being introduced to it and I hope that I can spread that passion to fellow students! 


Hello! I am Jack!

I am currently working on getting my AA through MCC and plan to study for a major in biology. I have been working as an MCC tutor for three semesters now!

I tutor chemistry, statistics, and math up to trigonometry. I am looking forward to working with you!


Hello, my name is Henry, I am a non-traditional student, a Navy veteran, and a father of three. I wanted to become a tutor to assist others in the same way I was helped and would not be where I am without this amazing addition to the learning process. Let’s learn together today in hopes of a brighter future tomorrow.


Hi everyone, my name is Thu, I go by Two. I’m an international student from Vietnam, and I have been in the States for 4 years. I’m a tutor and Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader for Anatomy. My 2 favorite desserts are cookies and bubble milk tea (if you haven’t tried one, you should definitely check it out). Anyways, it is a pleasure for me to help you understand all the fun and exciting things about Anatomy, so don’t hesitate to come and see me if you need help!


Hi! My name is Shari. I’ve liked math, numbers, and geometric shapes since my youth. After 30+ years since HS graduation, I received my AA degree in 2019. My greatest passion is working with students as they navigate the challenges of their courses! Other passions include cross-stitch, gardening, making geometric designs in Excel, and creating spreadsheets to monitor my cache of personal data. 

Lee (he/him)

Hello! My named is Lee, and my preferred pronouns are he/him. I am originally from East Tennessee, but I have lived in the KC area for six years. I am currently working towards entrance into the Biotechnology program at KU Edwards. I can tutor for General Biology, Zoology, Botany, Writing, French, CSIS 115, and Physical Geology, as well as some Math classes.


Hello, my name is Nick, and I have been a math and chemistry tutor at the Longview Student Success Center since August 2020. I really enjoy getting to work with the many different people who come in for tutoring, and it helps me stay sharp as well. My goal is to get my bachelor's degree in biology and then go on to become a physician. My favorite thing to do is go to concerts, which is probably the thing I miss the most since COVID came around. Hopefully 2021 will be a more chill year, and I look forward to seeing you all again!


Hey, I’m Gilbert! I’ve been tutoring at Longview for almost two years, and loving every second of it. I’m currently attending UMKC for my Bachelor’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering. As you might guess, that requires a lot of math and science, so I can tutor quite a few subjects. I look forward to helping out!


Hello, my name is David. I’m an Army veteran who has studied everything from first aid to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, so I understand some of the difficulties when learning new subjects. I am a STEM tutor at Longview. My tutoring focuses are on math, up to and including Calculus Two, and on physics. I plan on transferring to Missouri University of Science and Technology to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I look forward to meeting and working with some motivated and hardworking students.