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Longview - Student Success Center

This guide explores all the resources available to MCC students through the Longview Student Success Center.

Contact Us at the Student Success Center

Fall/Spring Hours:

Monday            8:30am to 6pm

Tuesday           8:30am to 6pm

Wednesday      8:30am to 6pm

Thursday          8:30am to 6pm

Friday               8:30am to 12pm



Zoom Information: 

Meeting ID: 979 4725 1469

Password: 739 109

After-hours tutoring is available after 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday. To schedule an appointment for after-hours tutoring, please email us before 5:30 p.m. the workday before the requested date.

Welcome to STEM Tutoring!

Welcome to the STEM page! The tutors and I want you to feel confident and thrive in the STEM class(es) that you are enrolled in. How does one do that if you are not a “STEM person”? We know that through collaboration, we understand more, can do more, and remember more. Join us for more a productive study time and reduce your stress level. We know that you can find the success you strive to achieve!


STEM Tutoring Coordinator: Bridget Gold


Mission Statement for STEM Tutoring

The mission of the Longview Student Success Center – Tutoring program is to promote student learning, enhance the chances for student success, and contribute to student retention through academic support inside and outside of the classroom.

What to Expect When Meeting with a STEM Tutor

First the tutors will listen to your concerns. Then the two of you will plan action steps. We do this very informally and often it does not take very long; yet, it is very important. We need to understand where you want to focus. We hope that you will collaborate with us frequently. Doing so helps us you to stay current in your course(s), keeps stress manageable, and maintains or improves your success.