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Longview - Learning Center

This guide explores all the resources available to MCC students through the Longview Learning Center.

Welcome to the Writing Studio!

Welcome to the Writing Studio! This team of student tutors are here to help strengthen your writing, develop your paragraphs, and clarify your ideas. Our tutors have excelled in the English courses at MCC, and now, at the Writing Studio, ready to guide you through the brainstorming, drafting, and revising of your essay.


Leslie Newton 

Learning Center Coordinator, Writing Studio

Mission Statement for the Writing Studio

The mission of the Longview Learning Center – Tutoring program is to promote student learning, enhance the chances for student success, and contribute to student retention through academic support inside and outside of the classroom.

Session Outcomes for the Writing Studio

  1. To support MCC students through their coursework in the development of their writing as a transferable skill in whichever field they pursue.

  2. To provide tools for research that prioritize options, finding solutions, and evaluating selections.

  3. To equip with the strategies to communicate clearly and effectively, particularly with thesis statements, supporting main points, and powerful conclusions.  

  4. To facilitate collaborative peer-to-peer learning environments, where tutors share successful action steps with other students.

  5. To encourage curiosity and reflection about writing so that students strengthen their ideas and written voice.