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Longview - Learning Center

This guide explores all the resources available to MCC students through the Longview Learning Center.

Writing Studio Workshops

Writing Studio workshops are a 30- to 45-minute activity-based lab held in the Learning Resources building (second floor of the Library), room 223. Professors bring their students during class for a time of short instruction and activity with writing tutors to develop an area listed in the Workshops Menu below.

Workshops Menu


In this workshop, students will go through listing, mind mapping, free writing, and other relevant graphic organizers to get as many ideas on paper as possible. Come at the start of an assignment cycle as students are beginning to write!

Thesis Statements

Students will work with a simple thesis formula for an argument. In groups, students will workshop each other’s thesis statements and connect the formula to topic sentences.

Topic Sentences

After crafting a thesis statement, students are able to pull topic sentences for main body paragraphs in this workshop. Given the time, students will be able to see their argument laid out in a simple outline.


Using the BEAM method (Background, Exhibit, Argument, Method), students will practice identifying sources and how to find effective quotes within those sources.

Please note that a library orientation is a prerequisite to this application workshop. Please email to schedule your library orientation.

MLA Formatting

In groups, students will workshop an essay that is poorly formatted and incorrectly cited. As students identify MLA errors in the paper based on a looping instructional PPT, writing tutors circulate and answer questions. 

Academic Tone

While a looping PPT plays in the room, highlighting the do’s and don’ts of academic tone, students work in groups to identify and fix the informalities in a sample essay.


This workshop covers the basic comma rules and tools to identify how and when a comma should be used. Semi-colons are also discussed.

Peer Review

Bring your students for your class's peer review day. Tutors guide groups through peer review with leading and open-ended questions, modeling how to develop a critical eye for one's own writing and how to give helpful feedback to others.