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Google Tips & Tricks - Blue River

This guide provides videos and instructions on Advanced Google Searching, Google Images, Google Scholar, as well as how Google works.

What is Google?

Google is more than its popular Internet Search Engine and the provider of Gmail. They state that "Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful." The company has innovated to provide a variety of online information and services that many people rely upon on a daily basis. Google drive allows us to store our files online and through a Google page, a Google sheet, or Google slides we can collaborate with others.  And of course, don't forget YouTube is also owned by Google. Click to see their various products.

Google services seen in the drop down menu of the top right corner

Google Search Education

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Google vs. MCC Library Databases

Why use MCC Library Databases when you can search Google?

  • Search engines, such as Google, look throughout the internet for information. Most of the content which search engines locate can be viewed freely by anyone with a connection to the internet.

  • Google and other search engines can be a great place to start when you are looking for information. Government departments, universities, and various non-profit organizations often place useful and reliable information on their websites.

  • However, search engine result lists can also include websites that were created for completely different reasons such as selling you something or sharing incorrect information. Commercial websites, personal blogs, and discussion groups can be informative and entertaining, but they often do not provide the type of peer-reviewed information which is best for academic research.

MCC Database Link & How to Use Them