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Maple Woods - Comm 100 (Bridges)

Our Catalog - Maple Woods

Finding Books

Try searching your topic AND "opposing viewpoints".

In the catalog, books with a blue icon are print books, while a purple icon means the book is an e-book. You can access e-books from anywhere with an Internet connection by clicking on the MCC Online Access button and logging in with your student number and password. 

If you prefer to browse, our books are organized by subject using the Dewey Decimal System. Books on a similar subject will be grouped together. The broad categories are:

000 Generalities
100 Philosophy & psychology
200 Religion
300 Social sciences
400 Language
500 Natural sciences & mathematics
600 Technology (Applied sciences)
700 The arts
800 Literature & rhetoric
900 Geography & history

Evaluating Books

What is the publication date? Check the date for currency.  Is this important for your topic?

Are author credentials provided; for example, is the author a professor, a journalist, someone with experience in the field?  (See inside back cover on a hardcover book or the outside back cover on a paperback book.)

Is the publisher a university press?  A large well-known company?  A special interest group?

Look at the length of the book.  Is it comprehensive? 

What is the level of language:  Easy enough for a child? Generally understood by an adult? Scholarly? Technical?

Is there an index?  

Is there a list of references/bibliography? 

How descriptive is the table of contents?

What is the purpose of the book:  To inform?  Persuade?  Entertain?

Does the book exhibit a bias?  Does it present different points of view?