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Copyright Guide - Longview

A guide for students and faculty.

Course Reserve--Longview

To ensure compliance with copyright law the Library adheres to the following policies for reserve materials. A "Library Reserve Form" is available at the Circulation Desk for an instructor's completion and signature.  Once an instructor signs off on it, it is their responsibility to have met the fair use guidelines of the Copyright Law.

Basic requirements:

•       The Library or faculty members own the materials to be placed on reserves.

•       Access to course reserves is removed at the end of the semester ( Items are re-marked as “inactive” if we don’t receive a new letter from the instructor on their Reserves).

Fair use guidelines (for a single class or a single semester):

•       No more than 10% of a book

•       No more than one article from each journal issue

•       All material should include the title and copyright pages or the equivalent in full citation  (All of our textbooks do, other material does not)

•       Articles should include volume and issue numbers (our Math DVD’s have chapters and sections on the labels separately from the DVD, or if we have more than one volume of a book, or a set of books).

An instructor wishing to deviate from these guidelines must seek permission from the publisher of the book or article, in order for a copy to be added to their course reserves.

To add an item to our course reserves please contact the Circulation Desk (2080) at the library