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COLL 100 - First-Year Seminar - MCC

This guide provides a vast array of resources and information to aid students enrolled in the College 100: First Year Seminar.

Study Skills

Online Practice Tests & Study Guides


    MCC provides free tutoring in most subjects offered by the college, as well as             assistance in study skills.

Here are some tips for taking full advantage of tutoring services:

  • Bring your text book, assignment directions, class notes and syllabus to the tutoring session
  • Come prepared with questions for tutor
  • Plan Ahead - don't wait until the day of the test to visit
  • Attend class everyday, tutoring is not a substitute for class attendance

For online options log in to Blackboard and click the "e-tutoring" tab near the top of the window under Student Resources

Campus Tutoring Sites

Where do you study?

Where do you study?

Where do you study?
At home: 14 votes (56%)
At the library: 5 votes (20%)
In the school cafeteria or commons area: 2 votes (8%)
At the coffee shop: 0 votes (0%)
At work (when I have down time): 0 votes (0%)
In my parked car: 0 votes (0%)
Anywhere I can: 2 votes (8%)
Study? I don't study: 1 votes (4%)
Other: 1 votes (4%)
Total Votes: 25