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COLL 100 - First-Year Seminar - MCC

This guide provides a vast array of resources and information to aid students enrolled in the College 100: First Year Seminar.

Student Email

Login to MyMCCKC to check your student email account.

MCC sends important communications to students through Student E-mail, a free, Web-based e-mail account provided to all students. You should check your Student E-mail account on a regular basis for important information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is my student email address format?
    (S1234567 is your myMCCKC UserID)
  2. What is my student email password?
    Your Student E-mail password is the same as your myMCCKC password. Changing your myMCCKC password will automatically change your Student E-mail password.

For more information on student email, including more FAQ's and the MCC Student Email Policy, please visit Technical Support.

Blackboard Help @ How-To's

Blackboard offers online videos to help you navigate including:

  • Submitting an Assignment
  • Checking Your Grades
  • Replying to a Discussion Board Thread

Blackboard may be accessed from the left-hand column in MyMCCKC.  Select "Student Resources" top right-hand choice once in the Blackboard software.  Blackboard Orientation as well as Student Information, Library and Tutoring Resource links are available.



MyMCCKC is your online portal to access Blackboard, Email, Student Center, and online Library resources.

From - click on MyMCCKC.


Login using your Student ID Number (With Capital "S") and your Password. Passwords are case sensitive (meaning you must type exactly as first entered, including any capitalization).

MyMCCKC Login Screen

Forgot your ID Number and/or Password? Use the highlighted tools to retrieve your ID number or reset your password.


Blackboard LogoHere is an additional way to access Blackboard, other than through MyMCCKC.

You will need your Student ID Number - Example: S1234567
And your MyMCCKC password

To access Blackboard:

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your User Name (Student ID Number with "S") and MyMCCKC password.
  3. Once you are logged in, your courses for the semester will automatically display at the right-hand side of the screen. 
  4. Find the name of our course, which will include the course number, and click on the link for the course.

Blackboard Screen Shot

Blackboard is used for many things

  • An online classroom for Internet courses.
  • Checking your grade in the class. 
  • Finding announcements and notes for the class as they become available.
  • Downloading the syllabus and selected handouts. 
  • Downloading assignment guidelines and attaching homework. 
  • Communicating with group members and instructors. 
  • Posting to the Discussion Board and participating in online discussions with your classmates.
  • Finding resources on the Internet to help you with your assignments. 

Tech Support

Having technical problems with one of our online systems? The TechSupport Specialists can help. They provide technical support for myMCCKC, BlackBoard, and other online systems.

Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Call 816.604.1000

Techline Email

MyMCCKC Online Tutorial

Use this online tutorial to preview and learn more about MyMCCKC.

MyMCCKC Tutorial Play Button

Library Resources

You can access library resources off-campus, including the databases and online catalog, by logging into MyMCCKC.

MyMCCKC Library Resources