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Education and Child Development - Longview

This guide will help you with Educational research.

Difference between Scholarly and Popular Articles

Popular Articles

  • Tends to be on broader topics
  • Author(s) may not be experts on the subject
  • Uses popular, general language
  • Is not peer-reviewed
  • Meant to entertain or generally inform on the topic
  • Audience is general readers

Scholarly Articles

  • Topics tend to be on specific subjects
  • Author(s) are experts on the subject
  • Uses technical and subject specific language
  • Is peer-reviewed
  • Meant to present the findings of research
  • Audience is other academics, researchers, and professionals in the field

Searching Databases for Scholarly Articles

When searching databases for scholarly articles make sure to limit your search by selecting either "scholarly articles" or "peer reviewed" articles. 

You may also want to select "academic journals" under source types if you are looking for academic journal articles.