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Longview - Genealogy Research Guide


This Guide is written with two goals in mind: 

  1. Provide resource links for online genealogical research.
  2. Describe the genealogy-related collections of the Longview Library.

It is by no means a comprehensive guide. Sites like Cyndi's List or Genealogy Sleuth (see Websites tab) are far more comprehensive than anything we could possibly do. This Guide is a starting point.

Across the top of this page are several tabs that help organize the information.

Begin Search

Before you begin your research you need to define your topic.

  • Create a search question
  • Identify keywords from your search question
  • Combine keywords or concepts using 'and, or, not' for use in the appropriate databases

Suggested keywords: genealogy, family history, ancestry.

Call numbers: Books on genealogy are generally located in the 929s in our library.

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