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Indigenous American History Research Guide - Longview

A guide to resources for information and books about Indigenous Americans and by Indigenous Americans


Welcome to the Indigenous American History subject guide. Here you will find valuable information on individual Indigenous Americans and particular Indigenous American Tribes, their histories, customs, cultures, and languages.


Serpent Mound

Aerial view of Serpent Mound, an effigy built by the Adena culture between 500 BCE and 100 CE, Southwestern Ohio, U.S.

Begin Search

Consider the following steps to define your topic and locate important information:

  • Create a search question
  • Identify keywords from your search question
  • Combine keywords or concepts in the appropriate databases

Suggested keywords: Indian(s); Indigenous Americans; Native American Indian(s); a name of a particular tribe, such as Comanche (a list of tribes can be found under the Find Websites tab); or search for Indians as a LC Subject search in our catalog.

Call Numbers: A large number of our nonfiction books are located in the 970s.

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