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ENGL 80/90 - New York Times - Penn Valley: On Names and Labels

A guide to New York Times articles for English 80/90 at MCC-Penn Valley.

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Ashley Cerrentano


Teresa Leggard


On Names and Labels

"Names That Are Unfamiliar to You aren't 'Hard', They're 'Unpracticed'" by N'Jameh Camara 


"Getting It Right: Why pronouncing names correctly Matters" by Gerardo Ochao (TED Talk) 


"Decoding the Social Value of Names" Duana Taha (TED Talk) 


"The Lasting Impact of Mispronouncing Students' Names" by Matthew Lynch** 


"Dear (Cis) People Who Put Your Pronouns on Your 'Hello, My Name Is' Name Tags...Thank You" by Sinclair Sexsmith 


"Even a Grammar Geezer Like Me Can Get Used to Gender Neutral Pronouns" by Geoff Nunberg (full text and audio segment available) 


“Challenging Our Labels: Rejecting the Language of Remediation” – Tejada et al. (this one was written by a group of 5 students about their experiences being labeled remedial writing students)


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