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ENGL 80/90 - New York Times - Penn Valley: Miscellaneous

A guide to New York Times articles for English 80/90 at MCC-Penn Valley.

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Ashley Cerrentano


Teresa Leggard



"Why We Eat Together" by Louise Fresco


"No Myths Here: Food Stamps, Food Deserts, and Food Scarcity" by Erika Nicole Kendall


"Food's Class Warfare" by Tracie Macmillan

Here's a link to several of Macmillan's articles:



"Is College Worth It? One Professor Says 'No'" by Steven Pearlstein


"Ignore the Hype. College Is Worth It." by Anthony Carnevale


Is This the Beginning of the End of American Racism?
Donald Trump has revealed the depths of the country’s prejudice—and has inadvertently forced a reckoning.

Read in The Atlantic:


Inmates raise $32,000 for high school student’s tuition
Inmates pooled what they earned from jobs like mopping the floors, which pays 8 cents an hour. They ended up raising $32,000.
Read in The Washington Post:


"Is This Where We Are, America--Some people oppose student loan forgiveness because they want others to suffer, too" by Roxane Gay

From MCC's Opposing Viewpoints in Context database (free access, requires MCC login):

From NYT Website (may request fee): 


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