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READ 108 - Longview

Resources for the power processes, found in the Becoming a Master Student textbook.

Books - A Great Place to Start!

Below are books available at the Longview Library. Each box is for a different power process that is defined in your book Becoming a Master Student. These are merely suggested books to help get your creative juices flowing.

Also - please pay attention to the suggested keywords mentioned for each power process. Again, these are tools to help you search for resources on your topic. Use these keywords to perform catalog searches but make sure to brain storm your own keywords, too. 

Lastly, use these keywords for database searching to find articles on self-improvement strategies.

Good luck!

Our Catalog - Longview

Discover what you want

Sometimes problems are not just barriers - they can draw on our talents, move us toward our purpose, increase our skills, and contribute meaning to our lives.

Suggested keywords: social responsibility, philanthropy, corporate responsibility, altruism, compassion, charity, empathy, problem solving, nonprofit, student organizations, advocacy, intention, motivation,


Ideas are tools

What tools do you use, or could you use, to become a better student?

Suggested keywords: critical thinking, personal enrichment, career exploration, self improvement, new ideas, decision making, learning styles, study skills

Be here now

Focus your attention on the here and now.

Suggested keywords: time management, organization, mindfulness, distractions, multitasking, planning, extra curricular activities, goal setting

Love your problems

What is a problem or barrier that may prevent your from being the best student you can be?

Suggested keywords: memory improvement, anxiety, overcoming barriers, overcoming problems, self-acceptance, overcoming obstacles, dealing with difficult people, finding solutions

Notice your pictures and let them go

Mental awareness can open one up to new ideas and independent thinking.

Suggested keywords: motivation, self-discipline, reading comprehension, research resources, memory, perception, bias, subconscious, expectations, information literacy

I create it all

Do you act as a victim or do you take responsibility for your actions? See your problems in a new way and choose good behavior and thoughts.

Suggested keywords: Being a victim, responsibility, self-control, decision making, classroom skills, classroom behavior, note taking


When we detach from negative emotions and addictions, we perform better and are more likely to recognize the problem and remember the solution.

Suggested keywords: attachments, emotions, addictions, identity, obsession, emotional awareness, excess, consciousness, perspective, perfection, test anxiety, release anxiety

Embrace the new

To use creative and critical thinking and embrace new ideas.

Suggested keywords: current attitude, critical thinking, creative thinking, self discovery, intention

Employ your word

Your future is largely determined by the choices and agreements you make now - by making and keeping agreement to yourself and others, you employ your word and create your future.

Suggested keywords: effective speaking, agreements, relationships, communication, accountability, trust, multiple intelligence, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, conflict management, listening

Risk being a fool

 To achieve success, sometimes you have to take risks, and sometimes taking risks means you have to be willing to fail.

Suggested keywords: risk-taking, courage, public speaking, change, self-actualization, fear, leadership, personal growth, self-expression, money management


To gain what you want to have and do what you want to do, start by discovering who you want to be.

Suggested keywords: Well-being, success, health, balance, self development, new skills, career attainment, career success, passion, purpose, values, lifelong learning

Choose your conversations and your community

Conversations help us define the world around us - we create and sustain ideas through debate, discussion, reading and writing.  We also have the ability to choose how we frame our conversations, the topic of conversation, and with whom we converse.

Suggested keywords: contemplation, self-reflection, diversity, non-traditional students, common ground, culture, interpersonal communication, character, gossip, constructive criticism, communication, relationships, making choices


Sometimes no matter how hard we try or what skills we bring to bear, some problems remain out of our control.

Suggested keywords: intuition, guidance, surrender, recovery, self-acceptance, moving on, coping