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READ 108 - Longview

Resources for the power processes, found in the Becoming a Master Student textbook.

From Question to Keyword

Watch this short video for ideas on how to brainstorm keywords for your topic

Suggested Keywords for Power Processes

When you search for information, you must be willing to tryout different keyword searches by using a variety of words that describe your topic. Here are some suggested keywords to try when searching for information in the catalog (books) and databases (articles) about the Power Processes.


Ideas are tools

critical thinking, personal enrichment, career exploration, self improvement, new ideas, decision making, learning styles, study skills

Be here now


time management, organization, mindfulness, distractions, multi-tasking, planning, extra curricular activities, goal setting

Love your problems

memory improvement, anxiety, overcoming barriers, overcoming problems, self-acceptance, overcoming obstacles, dealing with difficult people, finding solutions

Notice your pictures


motivation, self-discipline, reading comprehension, research resources, memory, perception, bias, subconscious, expectations

I create it all


Being a victim, responsibility, self-control, decision making, classroom skills, classroom behavior, note taking



attachments, emotions, addictions, identity, obsession, emotional awareness, excess, consciousness, perspective, perfection, test anxiety, release anxiety

Be It

Well-being, success, health, balance, self development, new skills, career attainment, career success, passion, purpose, values


intuition, guidance, surrender, recovery, self-acceptance, moving on, coping

Risk being a fool


risk-taking, courage, public speaking, change, self-actualization, fear, leadership, personal growth, self-expression

Choose your conversations and your community


contemplation, self-reflection, diversity, non-traditional students, common ground, culture, interpersonal communication, character, gossip, constructive criticism, communication, relationships, making choices

Employ your word


effective speaking, agreements, relationships, communication, accountability, trust, multiple intelligence, self-esteem, conflict management, etiquette, listening


Find a bigger problem


social responsibility, philanthropy, corporate responsibility, altruism, compassion, charity, empathy, problem solving, nonprofit, student organizations, advocacy



Use databases to find articles from magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals.

Suggested Databases