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Fake News and How to Recognize It - Longview

This subject guide discusses fake news, fact checking, and other topics related to information literacy.

The Spread and Impact of Fake News

These articles illustrate the perpetuation and the effect of fake news stories. Read these articles to become familiar with contemporary examples of fake news.

Prevent the Spread of Fake News

Preventing the spread of fake news begins by critically evaluating the information, its source, and its content. When reading a news story, it is imperative to assume a critical lens. Does anything seem off about the article, or its host organization? Is the site actually a satirical publication, such as The Onion? Be reticent about sharing information before you research the story, especially when the article is not from a reputable news organization. For more information on how to Analyze and Fact Check, please visit the tab on the left navigation pane.