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Career Research - MCC

Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, and Communications

Do you like to perform in front of an audience?
Are you interested in working in the movies or television?
Do you like to work with technology?
Is artistic expression important to you?
Are you active with the school or community theatre?
Does computer animation interest you?
Are you visually oriented?

If you answered yes to two or more of the questions above, you might be interested in considering a career in arts, audio/video technology, and communications.

If you are interested in working in this cluster, you have two avenues. One is to be the performer or artist. The other is to work behind the scenes to make the performance or publication happen. As a reporter, actor, or fine artist, you would use your creative talents. To assure that a concert or magazine is successful, you would use computers and sound equipment. The occupations in this cluster allow you to use your creativity, talent, and technical skills.


For more information, go to MissouriConnections

NOTE:  Missouri Connections can be accessed through the MCC Databases by entering your student (S) or employee (E) number e.g., (S1234567) followed by your MCC password.  MissouriConnections requires an additional login. On the main page, select Guest Login, and enter your city and zip code.  

MCC Career Counseling

To make a counseling appointment with a career counselor visit Browse the biographies and contact a career counselor of your choice.