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Finding Statistics and Data Research Guide - Longview

Help finding local, national and international statistics and data on a wide variety of disciplines.

Suggested Databases

You can find statistics in magazine and journal articles - here are some suggested databases to search.

These databases are available both on and off campus.  To access them off campus, you must login through MYMCCKC on the college website.

How to Search

Keywords to use when searching for numerical data:

  • Statistics
  • Data
  • Numbers
  • Trends
  • Polling
  • Figures
  • Tables

Search Example: Immigration AND Statistics

Search Example

Example: If you are trying to find statistics on how many children have access to technology, you may try a search like the one pictured below. By using the word "AND" you are linking the three keywords together telling the database to retrieve results that have to do with technology, children, and statistics.

You can usually find MANY helpful articles in databases that have numbers, graphs, and tables. Databases are GREAT for finding statistics!

Search Example