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Geography Research Guide - Longview

A guide for the physical, world and cultural aspects of geography, as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Related courses include Geog 104, Geog 105 and Geog 113.

City Coordinates

To find the coordinates of a specific city:

Use one of the listed websites or ask a Reference Librarian to help you locate one of the below atlases. In the index you will find city names in alphabetical order listed with their exact coordinates

Latitude & Longitude Coordinates

Use Google Maps to find coordinates

Latitude: 40 Deg. 43 min. 21 sec.
Longitude: -82 Deg. 31 Min. 52 Sec.

To find the city that matches these coordinates, enter the following into Google Maps search field:  40 43' 21" -82 31' 52" and the GPS coordinate will show up in Google Maps

Additionally, if your latitude and longitude numbers are in decimal format, like say, 40.7225 -82.5331 there is no need to convert over to the degree minutes, seconds, notation. Google Maps will give you your coordinates.

Helpful Websites