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Psychology - Longview

A guide to information resources and tools in Psychology

Our Catalog - Longview

How do I find books in the library?

There are two ways to find books in the Library's print and online book collections:

1.  Search for a topic, author, or title

Suppose your instructor told you about a great book, and you want to see if we have it in the library. Use the library catalog to search for the book's title or it's author, or both, if you know them.

Sample searches:

• Gorman, Richard M. (author)

• Essentials of Psychology (book title)

OR, suppose you have to write a class paper and you simply want to find any books the library has on psychology and related topics. Use the library catalog to do a basic search for topic words and phrases. 

• Psychology (and many, many subtopics displayed in the Library's book catalog)

• also specific types of psychology for example

       ° Child psychology

       ° Ethnopsychology

2. Browse books on the shelves - sometimes you might simply want to browse through a whole section of our books to get a "big pictue" of what kinds of psychology an mental health books are available. 

  • Call numbers: 150s, 360s, 610s, 640s, 650s
  • Subject headings/keywords:
    • psychology, human behavior, mental health, personality, psychoanalysis

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