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A library guide to help students find sources related to their popular media article assignment.

Assignment Info

Topic in Biology Media Article

BIOL 101, Spring 2023

30 points

Dr. Biever

You are a science journalist and have been tasked with writing a news article about your favorite topic in biology. As it happens, you have already read some fascinating information about this topic that you want the public to know. Report on what you found using a particular scientific study (or studies) about your topic by writing a news article to be published in a local newspaper or blog. Since you are writing for a general audience, it needs to be engaging to the public, while keeping the information factual.

You will need to have decided on a topic by the start of lab on Thursday, Jan. 26th. Your instructor will approve your topic and if needed, help you refine it. As a class, we will visit the library Jan. 31st where you will get an overview of how to research information for your paper.


Your final product will be a typed article about your chosen biology topic roughly 2-3 pages in length. You will reference sources that you find during the library trip and whatever you find outside of class within your article, and you will also list a full reference of your sources in a short bibliography.

Topic Due Date: Thursday, January 26th

Library/Research Session: Tuesday, January 31st   

Final Paper Due Date: Thursday, March 23rd

Sources to help you (Posted on Canvas):

  1. Writing for a General Audience
  2. Several biology-related news articles
  3. Scientific papers/research for a more general audience

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