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ENGL 102 - Library Skills Objectives - Maple Woods


Students will fact check online information using lateral reading.

Objective Videos

Fact Checking

Move Up and Sideways - Graphic

Spotting misinformation graphic. Description in box below image.

Move Up and Sideways - Text

Spotting Online Misinformation
MCC-Maple Woods Library

Move Up  

Go as far back as you can to find the original source of the information.  

  • Is the source describing the results of a study? Find the original study.  
  • Does the article refer to an earlier article? Read that one.  
  • Does the site link to a source for their information? Click the links.  Did the first source you found misinterpret or misrepresent anything? 
Move Sideways  
Catch Hoaxes  
  • What do fact-checkers like the ones listed elsewhere on this guide have to say?  
Search for the Topic  
  • Is anyone else talking about this?  
  • Have there been any corrections or new developments since your source was posted?  
  • Are there more sides to the story or details that were left out?  
Research the Source  
  • Does the website or author have a bad reputation?  
  • Are they a satire or conspiracy site?