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Do you know where you want to go now and in the future? Are you experiencing some anxiety in making a career decision?

Would you be surprised to know, research actually shows that having some career choice anxiety and a greater need for self-knowledge can positively impact college persistence. In addition, being moderately certain about making decisions in your life also affects college persistence.

In short, having some career choice anxiety and a need to know yourself is a positive factor in keeping you in college, but so is having the confidence to make decisions that impact you.

If you are undecided about your career path or want reassurance that you are on the right track, contact the MCC counseling department at your campus. MCC Counseling Centers offer career counseling sessions to help you take an active and positive role in your career exploration process and decision-making. All of our services are free and available to students and community members.

This Library Guide will help you start and continue your career exploration process. So, put on your detective hat, give yourself some time and enjoy the exploration of YOU!

MCC Career Counseling

To contact a Counseling Services office to make an appointment, call (816) 604-1000.