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MCC - Career Research

Occupational Decision Making

You are now ready to explore the occupations that appear to be a good fit based on your self-assessment.  

There are many creative and useful ways to research occupations. One way is to simply read about what people do on the job. Some popular occupational research databases and library books are listed here.  Print and use the attached Occupational Research Worksheet to record your research.  

Occupational Research

Occupational Research Worksheets

Document your occupational research and pair it with your self-assessment knowledge to begin moving confidently toward a career decision.

Books on Occupational Research

Other Ways to Explore Careers

Are you seeking additional ways to gather information about your career(s) of interest.  If so, browse this Guide to Exploring Majors and Careers.

Job Seekers

MCC can help student and alumni job seekers with resumes, cover letters and interviewing tips. Campus coordinators can meet with you individually to customize your search for the perfect job.

MCC Career Counseling

To contact a Counseling Services office to make an appointment, call (816) 604-1000.