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Longview - Philosophy

MCC Philosophy Department


Although relatively few people become professional philosophers, the study of philosophy is a vital part of your college education. Philosophy courses also have many side benefits. Along the way, you'll learn to:

  • Think deeply
  • Think creatively and critically
  • Analyze information
  • Communicate clearly, concisely and honestly
  • Analyze objectively
  • Organize efficiently
  • Communicate competently (both orally and in writing) and thoroughly
  • Research

All of these will help you in any endeavor, whether it's law, teaching, diplomacy, public service, publishing, journalism, the ministry, the social or natural sciences, mathematics, business or the arts.

Choose from courses that include ethics, logic, world philosophy, religion, values and more. Our philosophy program is built around the Associate in Arts (AA) degree. This degree gives you a solid two-year background in general education courses that can transfer to a four-year institution. It also allows 17 hours of elective courses that let you home in on your specific philosophic interests.

Where's My Textbook?

It is possible that your instructor has placed a copy of your textbook or other required/recommended books and articles for your class on reserve. You can:

1. Go to the online catalog,

2. Type in the title of your textbook,

3. Your textbook should be listed as "Longview Reserve", "LV PSYC", "Library Use Only",

4. You will need a student ID to check out.