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Longview Common Read Project

The purpose of this guide is to share the objectives and guidelines for MCC-Longview's Common Read Program, and also its book selections and upcoming events.

Objectives for Common Read Project

  • To foster interest and engagement in academic work

  • To foster college-level reading from source other than textbook and provide deeper understanding of ideas

  • To foster critical thinking through cross-discipline discussion and investigation

  • To foster increased sense of Longview community through common intellectual experience

Guidelines for Book Selection

  • The book offers interdisciplinary aspects

  • The book is multi-layered and lends itself to thought-provoking discussion

  • Available in paperback to keep costs down for students

  • The book has fewer than 400 pages

  • All genres are open to consideration

Longview Common Read Committee Members

Committee Chair

Diane Martin (Library Director)



Angela Bahner (Psychology Faculty)

Sarah Ekey (Instruction Librarian)

Ann Raab (Anthropology Faculty)

Victoria Rice (Campus Life and Leadership Coordinator)

Aisha Sharif (English Faculty)

Eric Sullivan (Division Chair - Humanities, Education, & Exploratory)