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Introduction to the Library and Research - Longview

This Introduction to the Library guide will provide students with information about using the library and beginning research.

Our Catalog - Longview

Dewey Decimal System

MCC libraries use the Dewey Decimal system to locate books on our shelves. Here are some facts to know about the Dewey Decimal System:

  • Items are organized by subject matter, i.e. topic or theme. 
  • Each item is assigned a 'call number' which is located on the spine of the book or item.
    • That call number correlates to a specific subject area.
    • For example, items containing information on the history of Japan use a call number beginning with 960. Information on diabetes is under the call number beginning with 616.
  • The items are then organized on the shelf in call number numerical order from 0 to 999.
  • Because call numbers group like themes together, items with the same subject matter will found together on the shelf.

Can't Find What You Need?

First try the KC-Towers catalog to see if another MCC library or Kansas City college has the book and request it to be sent to Longview.


Students are able to request books for FREE from all over the state of Missouri and have them sent to Longview for pick-up.

Use the MOBIUS catalog to access millions of books. If you find a book you would like, hit REQUEST and fill out the form.


  • We are the KC-Towers cluster
  • Type in your Student ID number WITHOUT the "S" followed by MCC Ex: 1234567MCC
  • Make sure your request was "successful"


  • Expect 4-7 days for arrival
  • Books check out for an initial 4 weeks and may be renewed 2 more times if no other requests are pending
  • Books may be sent to any MCC campus for pick-up
  • We will email your student email when the book(s) arrive

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan requests for books not found in the MCC, KC-Towers or MOBIUS catalogs may be placed through the Longview Library Interlibrary loan service. Visit the Longview - Interlibrary Loan subject guide or call 816.604.2080 for more information. 

Electronic Books

EBook Databases:

How to download eBooks:

More questions? Click on the following guide for more details on downloading and using MCC eBooks and audiobooks.