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Time Management Tips

This guide offers time management and productivity tips to help you succeed at MCC.




Questions Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
1. I write a daily to-do list.
2. I begin study time with the most important assignment.
3. I start big assignments early.
4. Studying takes priority over social activities.
5. I study during my most productive hours of the day.
6. When given a new assignment, I analyze it for importance and prioritize it accordingly.
7. I complete tasks ahead of schedule.
8. I can accurately estimate how much time I spend on the various tasks I complete.
9. I use a calendar to schedule my schoolwork.
10. I am good at minimizing distractions.
Score Result Description
81-100 Excellent Your time management skills rock! Keep up the amazing work!
61-80 Almost there You’re off to a great start but have some room for improvement. Check out our time
management tips to help you build on your strengths! You’ve got this!
41-60 Needs improvement You have some good habits but need some help. The library has resources to help you
eliminate stress and do your best!
0-40 Not there....yet Your time management skills aren’t on point yet, but we have your back! Check out our
library resources so you can study smarter, not harder. We’re here to help you succeed!