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ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Resources in the Library - Penn Valley

This guide provides information on the various resources and services available at Penn Valley Library for persons with disabilities.

Assistive Technology

The library has assistive technology for students to use which includes the following software programs;

ZoomText - screen magnification software for the visually impaired

Jaws - screen reading and screen magnification for visually impaired computer users

The Library also provides the following resources;

  • Laser printers with enlargement capabilities

  • Handheld magnifiers (please ask at the Circulation Desk) 

  • Loaner laptops for use within the library (please ask at the Circulation Desk)

  • 1workstation with electronically adjustable height desk and trackball mouse 

Remember! The library provides help via Zoom appointments and phone, chat and text. Click on the Contact Us PennValley link.