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MLA Style, 8th Edition format for Microsoft Word - Penn Valley

Works Cited page

Make sure the list of works cited starts at the end of the document on a new page. To insert a new page click at the end of the document. Click the Insert tab and click blank page (on the left).

The words Work Cited should be typed and centered at the top of the page. From the Home tab click the Center icon and type: Works Cited

Press Enter once to move the cursor one double space down the page. The citations should be typed with a hanging indentation. In other words all of the lines except the first line for a citation are indented. Click the tiny arrow to the right of the word Paragraph (top center) in order to open the Paragraph dialog box. In the Paragraph dialog box that opens under Special select Hanging from the drop down menu. Click OK. Now when you type a citation it will automatically be indented correctly. The citations should be listed alphabetically.


Works Cited page

Hanging Indentation