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Spotting Misinformation - Maple Woods

Move Up

Uh-oh, bacon is just as bad for us as smoking cigarettes? Can I never eat a BLT again? Check out the below article, and then look at the original source. Can you spot any misinterpretations?

Remember when cell phone usage was going to give teenagers horns? Let's look at how the coverage developed, and how looking at the original study earlier would've saved people a lot of time.

A sensationalist tabloid claims a Frenchman blew up his house while trying to kill a fly. Is it true?

Move Sideways

Which of these organizations has the better reputation?

Do we need to protect the endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus?

Reverse Image Search

An evergreen forest is on fire. Many of the trees are burning as plumes of smoke billow from the flames.

Image courtesy of US Department of Agriculture. Licensed under a CC BY 2.0 license.

Is this an image from the 2020 wildfire season? Try using Google Reverse Image Search or TinEye.

Misleading Graphs