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Searching for Government Information Online - Penn Valley

Resources and tips for finding information generated by the Federal, State and Local governments..

Looking for reliable information?

You have an assignment and need reliable, verifiable information... but where to search?  Of course, you'll look to the MCC Library Databases and books.  But often the information you find there is not current, or applicable to your topic - such as current events topics.  You may want to search online for the latest, but that can be risky... many websites are biased, commercial in nature, or just unprofessional.  
Try searching the many government webpages for the data you need - whether current, newsy information, or historical information - these are sites that you can feel comfortable about.  Listed here are some places to get started. Some of these websites have amazing amounts of information, and you'll need to search within their pages.  These sites can also help you find or narrow a topic for research. 
A tip:  if you know specifically what you are seeking, try searching Google in this way:  your search
for example...   
  • climate 
  • climate
  • climate


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