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Longview - Art and Art History

Guanyin of the Southern Sea

Guan Yin of the South Seas


Artists creatively communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings. Today's artist is no longer limited to the traditional definition of painter, sculptor or illustrator. Computer animation, jewelry design and textile creation are just a few of professions that also require an artistic background. Though formal education and certification is not required in the industry, the majority of artists develop their skills through college education.


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Guanyin of the Southern SeaLaio or Jin Dynasty, China
Image used by permission from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Beginning Your Search

Create search question.  Example:  What inspired the stylistic changes in the way the Pharaoh and his family were portrayed in the Amarna Period in Egypt?

Identify keywords from search question.  Examples:  Amarna, Pharaoh, Egypt, portraits


Identify synonyms from those keywords, or additional terms, in case your original search terms don't bring up any results.  Examples: King, Ahkenaten, Nefertiti, Egyptian sculpture, etc.

Combine keywords or concepts with Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) for use in the appropriate databases.  Some databases will 'assume' the operators AND and OR, so be sure you read any 'how to search' information provided by the online source you use.  Examples:  Amarna AND Portraits, Ahkenaten AND sculpture, etc.


Consult the Library of Congress Subject Headings (red books located at the Reference Desk.) Look up subject to determine any additional topics needed for search.  Example:  Art, Egyptian -- Egypt--Tel El-Amarna

Keywords and Subject Headings

Here are a few examples of terms and subject headings.


Art, Abstract

Art, Baroque

Art, Chinese--History

Ceramics--United States--20th Century

Graphic Arts--History



Symbolism in Art

Textile Crafts