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MCC - Open Educational Resources

What are OER?

OER, or Open Educational Resources, "are high-quality teaching, learning, and research materials that are free for people everywhere to use and repurpose."

- William and Flora Hewlett Foundation 

Why use OER?

Cost and accessibility are key factors when discussing OER and its usefulness.

How does the educational environment benefit from OER?

How do I use OER?

With OER, students and faculty alike are granted freedom to:

The 5Rs of Openness:

Retain – the right to make, own, and control copies of the content
Reuse – the right to use the content in a wide range of ways (e.g., in a class, in a study group, on a website, in a video)
Revise – the right to adapt, adjust, modify, or alter the content itself (e.g., translate the content into another language)
Remix – the right to combine the original or revised content with other open content to create something new (e.g., incorporate the content into a mashup)
Redistribute – the right to share copies of the original content, your revisions, or your remixes with others (e.g., give a copy of the content to a friend)

--David Wiley, Iterated Toward Openness

What resources can I find in OER?

OER provide access to not only textbooks but also:

  • quizzes
  • reviews
  • interactive features
  • audiovisual materials
  • lectures
  • teaching tools
  • software 
  • lesson plans

OER include OpenStax, Open Textbook Network, and Lrnr

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