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MCC - eBooks and Audiobooks

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize patrons with finding, accessing, downloading eBooks and to introduce users to all of the tools available with eBooks.

Downloading to Android Devices

To download eBooks to your Android phone or tablet from the MCCKC (Mobius) library, you will first need to install an app called "Bluefire Reader" on the device. Depending on your version of Android, this app may be called Cloudshelf SDK. If that is the case, these instructions are still the same.  You can find this in the app store or you can search "Bluefire Reader" on your device's web browser.  Install the app on your phone or tablet.


Once Bluefire Reader is installed on your phone or tablet, then you need to use it to create a free Adobe ID account (Bluefire is an Adobe product, so the credentials for Adobe are the same for Bluefire.)  If you already have an Adobe ID account, you can log in using those account credentials.

Once Bluefire is loaded, you are ready to search for the eBooks that you wish to access and download.  Using your device's browser, access the MCC website (  Select the icon in the upper left corner, and a list of options will appear.  Scroll through those options and select the "Library" link.  Once the library page opens, select "Catalogs."


Select the catalog that you wish to search.  Type your desired search term in the catalog search tool that opens on the screen.  Then scroll through the search results that are delivered to your device.  Select the resources that looks useful.


A screen asking which cluster your school belongs to will open.  Select "MCC Online Access."  The information about that eBook will open.  Along with the description of the eBook, there will be a button that says "Download (Offline)"  This will allow you to download the book to your device.  When selected, you will be prompted to enter your EBSCOhost credentials (these were created when you created your Bluefire reader account.  If you haven't created an EBSCOhost account yet, you can select the option to create one from this screen.



Once you have entered your EBSCOhost credentials, you will be taken back to the selected book. You will need to select the download option again, and the borrow option will now pop up.



You can select the Bluefire Reader "Library" to find your downloaded book.  The book cover icon will tell you how many days you will have access to the book.  Unless you turn the book in early, it will automatically disappear off your device at the end of the time period.  When the book cover is selected, the eBook will open.  You can then move through the book by sweeping your fingers across the screen or using the Bluefire Reader tools.