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MCC - eBooks and Audiobooks

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize patrons with finding, accessing, downloading eBooks and to introduce users to all of the tools available with eBooks.

Downloading to a Kindle Device

The easiest way to download from the Ebsco eBook Collection is to use the "Send to Kindle" Chrome app.  This app only works with the Chrome Web Browser.  In Chrome, navigate to the Chrome Web Store and search "Send to Kindle."  Select the "Send to Kindle" app and load it to your Chrome Browser.

Once you have the "Send to Kindle" app downloaded, you can choose to send materials to you Kindle or device with the Kindle app from a variety of sources, including your browser, desktop, e-mail or android device.  

The "Send to Kindle" app will also let you indicate which Kindle or device with Kindle app to send the selected material to.  With this app in place, you are now ready to start sending the MCCKC's Ebsco eBook resources to your Kindle.

First, locate the resource you wish to download.  If you are unsure how to locate and access MCCKC eBooks, consult the "Accessing and Reading on a Computer" tutorial found on this Libguide.  Once you have located the materials, select the option to download the eBook.  The "Send to Kindle" app placed a small icon in the upper right hand corner of your Chrome browser screen.

Once the eBook resources is downloaded, select that "Send to Kindle" icon.  A menu will open that gives you several options.  Select the "Send to Kindle" option.  That will then send the eBook resources to the Kindle or device with Kindle App that you selected when setting up the "Send to Kindle" app.  

The downloaded eBook will then be sent to your Kindle through a Wifi connection or through Kindle's Whispersync connection.  The downloaded book will be found among your menu of books.  Once selected, you will find a great deal of information about it, including a Table of Contents.  Remember that this book will not be on your Kindle permanently.  It will be found on your Kindle for the length of time that it has been programmed to be checked out and will disappear on its own.



If using a Kindle Fire, these directions will work exactly the same. The book is not added into your library as you do not own the book but will be present under your New Items section under Home.