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MCC - eBooks and Audiobooks

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize patrons with finding, accessing, downloading eBooks and to introduce users to all of the tools available with eBooks.

Downloading to a Computer

It may be more convenient for you to download the eBook to your desktop or laptop.  The following details how to do that.

In order to read downloaded eBooks on your desktop or laptop, you will have to install a program to your computer called "Adobe Digital Editions."  There is a link available from the Ebsco eBook page or you can access it here:  Adobe Digital Editions.

Download to your computer:

In order to download MCCKC eBooks to your computer, you will first have to create an EBSCOhost account, which is both free and easy.  You can find the book you wish to download using the MCCKC catalog (see earlier instructions) and select "Sign In" from that page.

Once "Sign In" is selected, you have the option of logging in, or creating your new account.  If you haven't logged in before, create your new EBSCOhost account by providing the requested information.

Once you have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your desktop or laptop, from the catalog record of the eBook you want, select "Download this eBook (Offline)" from the menu on the left. This will now allow you to log into EBSCOhost eBooks.  You will have the option of downloading the eBook to your computer for a 1, 2, or 3 week period.  When the period you select is up, the eBook will disappear automatically from your computer.  This will allow you access to the book even when your computer is not online.