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Career Research - MCC

Government and Public Administration

Have you served as an officer of a club or organization?
Do you like to plan and organize activities?
Are you interested in politics?
Would you like to work in another country?
Are rules and laws important to you?

If you answered yes to two or more of the questions above, you might be interested in considering a career in government and public administration.

Through the national, state, and local governments, the public can express its will and make our way of life possible. Through government, individuals can act together to accomplish what cannot be done alone. Most of these actions are carried out only by the government. For example, the federal government includes the military for protection. It also includes ambassadors who represent us in foreign countries. It is Congress that passes laws. The Administration carries out and enforces those laws. You would find almost every occupation within the government. However, this Government and Public Administration career cluster focuses on those occupations that are unique.


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