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Maple Woods - American History

Find resources for the study of American History

Periodicals in the Maple Woods Library

You can find current issues of magazines and journals in the circulation area of the library. Ask at the desk for back issues.

American History Periodicals

American Heritage  1954-2007

American History  Current year + 1 year back

Missouri Historical Review  Current year + 4 years back

New York Times  Sunday only print copy kept for 6 weeks. Microfilm (daily): Sept. 1851-Dec. 1900; Jan. 1914-Dec. 1919; Jan. 1939-Dec. 1945; 1966- .

Newsweek  Microfilm: 1940- .

Smithsonian  Current year + 1 year back

Time  Current year + 1 year back. Microfilm: 1923- . 

U.S. News & World Report  Microfilm: 1933-.