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Longview - Student Success Center

This guide explores all the resources available to MCC students through the Longview Student Success Center.

Welcome to the Peer Coaching Program!

The Peer Coaches want to help you be successful in college by sharing proven strategies for engagement, support, and motivation to help you successfully navigate the college environment. They provide support for academic success, and interpersonal development skills to help you make successful choices in college. They share what they have learned as an MCC student through supportive relationships. They influence positive learning and developmental growth, thereby improving your learning curve through individualized meetings. Peer coaches will work with you to identify campus resources and create a personalized success plan. Peer coaches are here for you! For more information email us at


Program Coordinator: Kimberlee Thomasson

Mission Statement for Peer Coaching

The mission of the Student Success Center – Peer Coaching program is to promote student learning, enhance the chances for student success, and contribute to student retention through academic support inside and outside the classroom.

What to Expect When Meeting with a Peer Coach

The Peer Coach will meet with the student three times a semester:

  • The student’s first meeting should be within the first 3-4 weeks.

  • The student’s second meeting within weeks 6-8 prior to midterms.

  • The third meeting should be scheduled within weeks 14-16 prior to finals

  • Students are welcome to set-up other appointments as needed.

The Peer Coach will add tools to their personal Toolbox:

  • Complete a Planner/Calendar 

  • Complete a Weekly Schedule 

  • Complete a tailored Success Plan

  • Develop strategies for completing assignments or studying for an exam.

    • Discuss feedback from assignments/instructor

    • Has the student followed up on the feedback?

    • How can the student make changes or modify to better suit their goals.

    • Discuss tutoring needs and refer students to the Student Success Center.

  • Complete student study plan tools

    • Time management

    • Study skills

    • Organization

    • Accountability

    • Preparation

Purpose of the three meetings:

  • Listen to the student

  • Develop a relationship based on respect and trust

  • Peer coaching is a period of developing self-regulated learning skills